内蒙古快三预测号码推荐 The Banyan Tree Riverside Residences stands out as a distinctive architectural statement on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The design strives for formal simplicity which complemented with crafted detailing creates an iconic and finely textured silhouette along the Bangkok riverfront skyline. 

内蒙古快三预测号码推荐 The transparent glass riverfront façade is a tribute to the development’s close relationship to water. Long continuous balconies along this façade blur the boundaries between inside and out, further drawing the tower’s intimate connection with the river into the residential spaces. The main tower and podium curved facades showcase folded diamond reflective silver screens. Guests and residents experience a unique arrival experience through the narrow intimate streets of Bangkok before arriving into the private grounds along a ceremonial tree-lined boulevard culminating in a formally composed arrival courtyard with framed views to the river beyond.

The landscaped podium roof and the riverside sky-terrace are designed with swimming pools, outdoor decks and lush planting to surround the residents with a tropical garden environment.

Award Winner, Residential High-rise Development Thailand 
Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019–2020
Award Winner, Residential High-rise Architectural Thailand 
Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019–2020
Best Ultra Luxury Condominium Development (Bangkok) 
ASA Real Estate Awards 2019


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