ONE KL  |  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

内蒙古快三预测号码推荐 The design brief called for a residential tower with supporting communal and commercial facilities. All design components address the significant urban concerns and integrate, complement and enhance the existing matrix of the city.

内蒙古快三预测号码推荐 The proposal is a high-rise development of 35 storeys, 32 of which contain residential units, with communal and commercial facilities located on the lower three levels. The proposal examines the impact of urban planning on the ground level by acknowledging the presence of KLCC SURIA, a retail and entertainment complex, and the need to establish a visual connection between this existing entity and the proposed new commercial spaces.

RIBA Worldwide Awards 2012
Honourable Mention 11th SIA Architectural Design Awards 2011
Finalist for the World Architecture Festival 2010, Barcelona for Housing
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